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A Guide To Shampoos for Oily Hair

Some people are often asked why their hair looks wet, when it fact it isn’t. If this is the usual scenario, then the person involved most probably has oily hair. The cause of oily hair is the over secretion of Sebum, a substance that is designed to make the hair soft and shiny. A person should learn about this problem and the shampoo for oily hair that can be utilized to take care of it so when she encounters it, or is already suffering from this, then she will know what to do.

The hair is made up of keratin which is a type of protein. The scalp produces oil with the help of the sebaceous gland to help in nourishing the hair. Even if the hair is not living, the follicles continually make oil to coat the hair strands. Those who have a lot of hair, especially people who have fine hair tend to have more oil gland in the head.

What is the type of oily hair?

According to the Hair Boutique, there are two kinds of oily hair. The first one is for those who have an oily hair as well as the scalp, while the other one has a normal scalp, but the hair is greasy. The latter is the result of using a lot of hair products that are not good for the hair. For this reason, it is advised to discontinue the utilization of the following products. A person can always try looking for different ones that will help the scalp and hair. For those who have a greasy scalp, this is the result of different things like the hormones, nutritional intake, brushing the hair frequently, and even stress.

What is the shampoo for oily hair?

A person should look for the term “oil control” when searching for the correct shampoo for her greasy hair. Hundreds of shampoos are out on the market, and each of them are stating that they are the best type for oily hair, so it might be best to try experimenting on different types to find out what is most suitable for a person. A thing to look for is if the shampoo contains astringent which helps lessens the oil. Tea tree oil, sage and rosemary are plant extracts that has this.

What shampoo should a person avoid?

For people who have greasy hair, there are certain ingredients that they should not use. Shampoos that moisturize as well as condition will only leave the hair greasier. If a person has a dry hair end, then use the conditioner only in that area and not on the root itself.

What are the correct shampoo methods?

Using the shampoo for oily hair, massage evenly and in a circular motion in the scalp and hair, doing so will remove the excess oil and dirt. Use warm water instead of hot water because the latter will only result in oilier hair. Use the shampoo daily unless indicated in the packaging for best result.