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Cornstarch as Dry Shampoo

You might have heard that you can use cornstarch as dry shampoo. Many home remedies for oily hair suggest using cornstarch to absorb the grease. Cornstarch is something many of us have on hand in our kitchen for thickening stews and making pudding. It also has a number of uses for beauty, from clearing diaper rashes to yes, even helping your hair look a little less greasy. It’s also perfect after using coconut oil for hair if you find that it leaves your hair looking too greasy. Be sure you do not confuse cornstarch with cornmeal. The grains of cornmeal are too large to use in your hair.

To use corn starch as dry shampoo for oily hair, first pour some into the palm of your hand. Start with a small amount because it’s easy to overdo it and if you don’t put enough initially, you can always add more later. Then rub your hands together and then pat them gently onto your scalp. You should not apply it anywhere near your ends- just at the roots where your hair is greasy. Don’t worry about how it looks when you first apply it. Just make sure you put it as close to the scalp as you can.

If you plan on doing this a lot, you may want to use a shaker bottle with holes at the top for this purpose so that you can easily pour out a small amount and avoid getting powder everywhere. If you use a shaker bottle, just shake a little bit directly onto your hair at the roots.

Next, brush or comb the powder through your hair. A fine-toothed comb is the best choice for even distribution, then follow up with your usual brush. This helps disperse the powder. If your hair still looks greasy, add more cornstarch. If your hair looks powdery, simply continue combing and brushing until the powder is no longer noticeable. If you think you applied way too much, you may need to rub the excess with a towel or your hand as well.

The main problem with using cornstarch as hair powder is that it can be obvious if you do it wrong. Apply too much and you will have visible white powder in your hair which may even be mistaken for dandruff. That is why it’s best to start with a little and then keep adding more until the greasiness is gone.

In a pinch, cornstarch as a homemade dry shampoo is great but if you think you’ll use it often, it is better to buy a dry shampoo that is specially formulated for hair as these tend to blend better and often contain ingredients that help make your hair healthy and smell great. If cornstarch appeals to you because it’s natural, you may want to consider a commercial product made with natural ingredients such as Naturia by Rene Furterer.

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