Hair coloring

Garnier Nutrisse Hair Color

Nutrisse Hair Color is specially formulated with fruit oil concentrates that help nourish and condition hair fibers. As a result, hair will take the color better and the color will last longer. Garnier Nutrisse hair color produces stunning results with 100% gray coverage and richer hues.

Garnier Nutrisse uses avocado oil and grape seed oil to nourish hair. Mixed with enriching conditioners, it is the only permanent hair color product that uses that combination of ingredients.

The formula of Garnier’s Nutrisse hair colors also takes advantage of the wonderful and natural restoring properties of Vitamin E. As it nourishes hair, it also creates protection against dreaded dryness; moisture is locked in with the color which is one of the main secrets to keeping healthy and beautiful hair.

Not only does this terrific combination help create healthy hair, it smells delicious while you color! Isn’t that a refreshing change from some of the other hair color products?

To best maintain your hair after using Garnier Nutrisse Hair Color, Garnier created a color shield, fortifying shampoo called Garnier Fructis. The shampoo also takes advantage of grapeseed oil and is combined with acai berry oil for a nutrient-rich hair cleanser. Garnier also has a Fructis color shield instant color sealer that is “leave-in” and a Fructis color shield fortifying cream conditioner.

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Garnier Nutrisse hair color and other hair care products are formulated to give fantastic, long-lasting results. To help insure that users obtain the most benefits from their products, the Garnier Company has created an informative website for consumers and professionals alike. There you will find step by step videos on the hair coloring process, tips and tricks to beautifying and maintaining hair and information on their skin care products.