Goody Heat Wave Creator Styling Iron Review


  • The barrel is wavy which makes curls even more natural and bouncy;
  • Heats up in 30 seconds to 410F which is quite standard temperature;
  • There are 10 heat settings to suit different needs according to hair type and length.


  • The spiral barrel is shorter than other products of its kind which may be a little cumbersome for some users.

Are you the one want to turn your hair into waves to look your hair the best? And, are you in the search of a product that does the job for you in easy ways, and if so, do you understand how much money and time does it take? While you remain stirred up for acquiring that style, questions such as the above, I am sure, would be equally bothering you. And, I purport this review article on “Goody Heat Wave Creator Styling Iron to throw more light with relevant information so you find it easy enough to arrive at a decision before choosing it.

Features of Goody Heat Wave Creator Styling Iron

The product has dimensions as 16.7 x 4.6 x2.9 inches, weighing 1.1pounds; and shipping is done to any place within the US, and some select destinations outside; its model number is G 00-5531. Powered by electricity, its chief components are a styling small iron barrel, a clip or clamp and temperature selector switch.

How it use

Goody Heat Wave Creator Styling Iron is a handy tool used for making your hairs curly and wavy remaining at home, enhancing your look. After initial heating for about 30-60 seconds, you have to wrap the hair in sections around the iron, using the small clip to keep the hair in position, releasing it after a pause; covering the hair in this process, I suggest you spray hairspray to fix it; the hair then gets held curled the whole day giving an attractive look. It is essential that you understand the mechanism of using the styling tool in order to make the procedure simpler and at the same time with salon-like curly results. Let us learn the step by step guide for using these Goody Heat Wave Creator Styling curling irons for effective curls.

  1. Initially, you need to dry up your hair after a good wash.
  2. Apply a heat resistant serum or heat resistant product over the hair and brush it gently. Make sure your hair is frizz free and that no tangles or knots are found while brushing.
  3. Always remember to wear your safety gloves before heating up the irons. The gloves will protect your fingers from getting burned.
  4. Now choose the heat temperature from the options provided. Tune the device to preferred temperature and set it for creating your wavy hair style. If you have weak thin hairs then opt for low heat temperature for protecting the texture of your hair.
  5. Separate the hair in to segments and clip it separately to hold them until the process is completely performed.
  6. Now hold on the curler upside down from behind your head.
  7. Start wrapping the partitioned strands of hair gently around the heated barrels. You can make your curls look wavy by wrapping it loosely and obtain crisper curls by wrapping the strands tighter and longer around the barrel.
  8. Keep it wrapped for 5 to 8 seconds and then unwind slowly.
  9. Gently run your fingers with serum to separate the curls and make it look bouncy and shiny.
  10. You are all set with wavy and sexy curls. Use larger sections of hair strands for creating more wonderful exotic hairstyles.

More Features

Its benefits are immense; in minimum time this can be made operational. It creates curls for your hair in the comfort of your house, without having to go to any Salon; time required for this process is just 30-40 minutes, which, I think is worth, considering the wonderful benefits accruing; you become entirely a new person with a look you longed for, to the admiration and envy of all.

Then, I have also seen people enjoying the benefits even after napping spells and for the next day; so I would stress successful results by following proper procedures.


The company maintains competitive price through, carrying good quality. Generally the price of a Goody styling iron is $24.99 after a discount of $10. The company also offers many deals which I would recommend you to check up with the website before buying it.

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Pros and Cons

After an unbiased analysis, I find these benefits far outweigh those of other makes; the curls are made fast, looking natural and lasting, endowing a handsome appearance, at less cost; in spite of the clip and barrel being small, as some feel, its overall performance is fine.

If you are tired of curls and want to change your look quickly and safely without damaging your hair, I suggest you use the best hair straightening brush for curly hair.


Really, the number of reviews and ratings at this time for this product is enormous; most are positive while a few don’t fail to point out the negatives; I recall here a few containing both comments to highlight the real pulse.