Hair coloring

Henna hair color

Henna hair color is different from many other types of hair coloring products. Henna hair colors are formulations of mostly natural ingredients. Henna hair color is a great choice if you want a natural product that doesn’t contain chemicals.

One of the ways that henna hair color is different from other hair color products is that it isn’t a “brand exclusive”. Several different companies produce henna hair color with the most prominent ingredient coming from the henna plant. It is then mixed with other nonchemical ingredients to create the hair color.

Some companies produce henna hair color as a crème that is premixed and ready for immediate application. Other companies supply the henna as a powder which is mixed with water into a paste. Henna hair coloring crèmes and powders also come in kits that include gloves and sometimes other protective items as well

There are precautions regarding the use of henna products. Some henna products will stain everything they come into contact with—including skin. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to avoid stains to the side of your face, forehead and neck. Wear gloves to protect your hands and an old shirt if you don’t have a plastic shoulder cape.

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Henna has wonderful dying capabilities and is not only used for hair color but also for temporary tattoos, nail color, etc… It is a favorite for body artists. It was used in yesteryear to dye leathers and wool as well. In some cultures, it has been used for ceremonial religious purposes and even for medicinal reasons. Henna hair color products are formulated to create rich hues and promote healthy hair in a natural way.