Ionic Travel Dryer

The ionic travel dryer uses ion therapy on your hair while traditional style hair dryers create extra ions within your hair. The results from the additional good ions the old fashioned locks hairdryers induce because they dry in many cases are harmful to your hair. The actual good ions trigger divided ends and also “over dry” your hair to a point from it looking frizzy.

Negative ions are excellent for hair. They affix to the hair follicle (the exterior layer of a locks shaft) which keeps the cuticle squashed from the base. Keeping the follicle and shaft firmly together results inside a shinier appear; frizzy hair is partly a result of the actual cuticle trying to break from the actual base.

Tests have shown that damaging ions additionally help split up drinking water tiny droplets. This reduces drying time and additionally makes it much simpler with regard to drinking water to be soaked up within the hair. Therefore, this process of drying out the head of hair actually hydrates the head of hair. In essence, the Ionic travel dryers help maintain organic dampness within hair. The end result is actually stunning! Hair dried in this manner appears smoother as well as larger. Even slim locks will appear more lustrous as well as thicker due to the hydrating impact from the ionic dryer.

A good ionic travel dryer produces powerful ventilation for quick drying. Most have a high as well as reduced environment that will help you control the drying out procedure. With some models, you can also switch between ion and regular mode. Other features consist of:

  • dual current capabilities with regard to traveling in other countries;
  • a “cool shot” setting with regard to pointing a powerful great time atmosphere onto hair now and then to assist lock in a style;
  • removable accessories like a concentrator;
  • safety attaches with test and totally reset features for surprise safety in case you decrease the clothes dryer in water.

The vast majority of ionic travel dryers have a folding handle which keeps them very compact in size when not in use.  Because they are so small they are easy to pack in overnight bags and some are even small enough to fit in a purse. Men can easily fit one in an attaché case.

Some of the most popular ionic dryers and travel dryers brands on the market with solid reputations to back their products are; Vidal Sassoon, T3 Featherweight, Hot Tools Professional, and Remington with Free Shipping from

Gone are the days of the hooded hair dryers with plastic caps that bloated with air as they filled.  No more long air hoses draping over your shoulder and hanging uncomfortably from those old fashioned bonnet style hair dryers.  Those days of constantly tightening the heated drying caps on your head every time you move are a thing of the past.

You won’t have to iron your hair trying to straighten it or spend tons of extra money weekly trying to recondition hair damaged from an old dryer.   They can save you time, money and will certainly save your hair!