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Natural Shampoo Recipe

Regular shampoos clean the hair and remove all the oil and dirt that was accumulated throughout the day. The only thing negative about it is these types of shampoos contain residue that can make the hair dry and dull. For this reason, more and more people are transferring to natural shampoos, but like the regular shampoo, this also has a downside. This shampoo is more expensive and can easily make a hole in a person’s wallet, especially if he uses it often.

The good news is a person can easily make this shampoo using different natural shampoo recipe. It is very easy, and today, readers are in for a treat because they will learn how to do it themselves.

Natural shampoo recipe

Things that are needed:

  • liquid castile soap;
  • flakes of castile soap;
  • shampoo bottle that is empty;
  • funnel;
  • rosemary;
  • bowl;
  • hot water;
  • strainer;
  • oil that contains vitamin E;
  • different essential oils (this will depend on the person).


Slowly transfer the Liquid Castile soap to the shampoo bottle. The bottle should be emptied and washed prior to the process so no trace of another shampoo will be detected. If a person is having a hard time, he should use the funnel.

Then, measure the Rosemary and put it in the bowl. A lot of people use Rosemary because it promotes hair growth and is great for a person who suffers from dandruff. Afterward, cover the Rosemary with hot water. Just let the Rosemary soak in the hot water until the water cools down.

Remove the Rosemary, then using the strainer, strain the water that was used. The water can now be added to the shampoo bottle.

Add the flakes of the Castile soap to the solution. This is used to thicken the solution because liquid castile soap is naturally runnier than conventional shampoos, but a person can always opt not to use it.

Mix the solution, but avoid producing bubbles in the process. A person can use a thin instrument to mix it well, like a piece of thin wood, or a chopstick if they have it.

The person can now add the oil containing Vitamin E; this is needed to moisturize the scalp and locks. He can also utilize different essential oils because it will give the solution a good aroma, but this is optional only. The solution must be mixed one more time using the chopstick; this is the last step to the natural shampoo recipe.

Other helpful tips

The person who wants to try switching from a regular shampoo to the natural one should be patient because the hair will initially feel dry or sticky after the first days of use. This is known as the detox period. Regular shampoos give the hair an artificial coating to make it look and feel smooth. The natural shampoo will, of course, remove this, but the initial result may take some time getting used to. Do not worry though because, after a few weeks, the magnificent results will be seen.