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Residue Free Shampoo

Majority of commercial conditioners and shampoos contains some kind of residue. This substance may cause the hair to become oily, dull, or even damaged. A lot of hairstyles have the ability to maintain their texture, but for those who are planning to have dreadlocks, using regular shampoo may not be advisable. That is because dreadlocks are styled differently than other hairs, it is tightly packed together, and because of this, it tends to hold on to more residue. For those who have dreadlocks, or people who do not want to suffer from using regular shampoo, they can always utilize the residue free shampoo.

What is a residue free shampoo?

This shampoo is perfect for people who want to have a scalp and hair that looks and feels clean. They do not contain any of the harmful ingredients like those commonly seen in commercial shampoos, and because of that there is nothing to build up and clog the follicles. What is even greater about it is it can be washed off completely and leaves nothing behind, unlike with regular shampoos. This type of shampoo was made for those who are hypersensitive to chemicals like people with eczema, and the like.

Different types of residue free shampoo

Neutrogena Anti Residue

This can be used by people with different hair types. It functions by neutralizing the effects that were made by the residue of other commercial conditioner and shampoo. This product should only be used once every week, but even though that is the case, it still works wonderfully. According to Neutrogena, this shampoo can rinse away 95 percent of residue that were retained because of other hair care products. It is non-irritating, meaning those who have sensitive scalp can use this. It can also be washed easily.


Those with dreadlocks may find this shampoo very useful because it was made especially for them. According to the manufacturer, this item is all natural which means that everything is organic, and no harmful chemicals were used. One of its main ingredients is the cocoa nut surfactants which are used to clean the hair and scalp without leaving any substance or residue behind. This product is unscented, so those who have hypersensitivity to odor would be very happy to utilize it. The other ingredients it includes are all vegan, and according to the company, this was specially designed to speed up the locking process.

UNILOCS residue free shampoo

This shampoo is another product that dreadlock wearers can use because it was designed for them. The company that is responsible for this shampoo is called Chatto, which mainly produces natural or organic hair and skincare products. According to them the UNILOCS shampoo will strengthen and nourish the hair of a person while providing a clean wash. People who have split ends will be thrilled with this because their hair will be repaired, as well as those who have broken and damaged hair. The product is composed of different essential oils and other ingredients that will definitely help the hair.