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The Right Shampoo For Oily Hair

For most people, having oily hair is a big problem because it is hard to manage and style. Even if the hair was washed in the morning, come evening it will look awful and greasy. So what is the reason behind oily hair? The answer to that are the sebaceous gland and its excessive secretion of Sebum. It is a natural moisturizer that is not only found in the scalp, but also on the face.

In reality, it is not the hair itself that is greasy, but the scalp. The Sebum goes into the hair making it look oily. For this reason, in order to have a less greasy hair, we have to work on the scalp first. The good news is the shampoo for oily hair was made exactly for this purpose. A shampoo that targets oily hairs can lessen the amount of Sebum released by the scalp, making the hair look fresh and clean all day.

What is the right shampoo for oily hair?

The first thing a person needs to look for when purchasing these types of shampoo is the texture. There are some which are transparent, while others have a more stable white color. The white color signifies that the shampoo has an added conditioning ingredient in it. Since our assumption is that the customer here already has problems with her oily scalp, this is not the type of shampoo she should aim for.

However, there are exceptions, such as a shampoo with a purple pigment designed to level out the wrong shades of blonde hair. Struggling with brassy blonde hair? Use the best purple shampoo for brassy hair indeed.

Instead, she should go with the transparent one. It is also important for someone with an oily hair to also remember that astringent can help remove the excess grease and as a result, it might be a good idea to go for fruit or herbal based products. Shampoos that contain citrus fruits extracts, olive, and lemon are great for people suffering from oily hair, as well as chamomile, sage, aloe, and tea tree oil.

What is a top shampoo for oily hair?

Neutrogena Shampoo Anti-Residue

As the name implies, this is an anti-residue shampoo that can assist in removing the stubborn sebum in the hair making it feel and look thoroughly cleansed. Take note that this is not for everyday use, once a week should be fine for the person who is going to utilize it.

Aubrey Organics Green Tea Clarifying Shampoo for oily hair

A great thing about this shampoo is it will leave the hair smelling great because of its good aroma. It is also very light and lathers well, that is the reason why a lot of people with greasy hair prefer this.

American Crew Shampoo

Compared to the Neutrogena, this shampoo can be used every day because it is gentle on the hair. American Crew is one of the best brands that release men’s grooming products, so it is only natural that their shampoo is effective and widely celebrated as well.

Micro-Pearl Shampoo by J. F. Lazartigue for greasy hair

This is made for those who really set aside a budget for their hair care products because it is a bit on the expensive side, but do not worry though because it is very effective in cleansing the hair and relieving it from excess oils.

Desert Essence Shampoo Lemon for greasy hair

For those who are looking for a more herbal approach to their problem, this shampoo is one of the best. It has extracts of tea leaf and jojoba seeds, not to mention the base is composed of sugar and coconut. To cap it off, the person who is going to use this will have a lemony smell in the hair, making it good enough to eat.

What is the correct way to use the shampoo for oily hair?

Remember that hot water should always be avoided, instead use lukewarm water. Utilizing the hot water will only cause more problems to the person who has oily hair because it will make the glands more active resulting in the secretion of more oil. For this reason, lukewarm water should be utilized.

When applying the shampoo and massaging it into the hair, make sure that it is shampooed in such a way that will remove the grease and all the unwanted dirt found in the scalp and locks. To achieve this, get a shampoo and place it in the palm of the hand. Then, massage the scalp using a circular motion; afterwards use the finger to massage it up and down. This can all be done under a minute, and then it is time to apply shampoo in the hair itself.

People who have long hair should avoid piling it up on the head. In the process of washing the hair, also massage the scalp, until the person is sure that no traces of shampoo are left. For those who have very greasy hair, another application of the shampoo for oily hair should be done. This time it can be left on for more than a minute for greater effect.

Some people have an oily scalp, but the ends of their hair tend to be dry. This is weird yet true. For this scenario, it is best to apply a conditioner in the dry end of the hair. Take care not to use this on the scalp because it will just make the hair oilier.

Using dry shampoo for oily hair

For people who have oily hair and those who do not have the time to shampoo it leisurely in the bathroom, they can always utilize the dry shampoo.
To use this, just sprinkle or spray on the parting hair line, this has to be repeated around 7 or 8 times. Using the fingertips, a person can now spread the powder, and then wait for 2 minutes. Afterward, she can now comb her hair.

For people who are experiencing a greasy hair, it would be better to avoid brushing it too much because the sebum will only spread more making it look oilier. A person should take care not to use a lot of styling products like gels because it will just contribute to the problem. Finally look for a shampoo which will not overly dry the hair in the process.